Master Your Inner Game

5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days

To: Professionals Who Want to go

from Fake-it Till You Make-it Public Speaking

to Guaranteed Confidence When Speaking,

but Don’t Know How to Get Started…

…Gain Your Personalized Steps to

Nail Your Presentation.

Anytime. Anywhere.


Peak Performance Expert Diane Allen

Peak Performance Expert
Diane Allen

From the desk of Diane Allen

Dear Conscientious Professionals,

Are you struggling with speaking in public? Do you clam up or get clumsy? Are you tired of the fear of embarrassment holding you back?

The only way to end this struggle is to master of the art of Peak Performance. Once you master this skill, you never have to worry about clamming up or embarrassment  ever again.


Imagine…You enter a situation that previously would have challenged you.

Your best self comes out with natural confidence.

People thank you and are impressed. 

Best of all, you weren’t even self conscious! 


Could you reach more people?

Could you establish credibility? Could you make more money? 


Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony

Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony

What took me 20 years to figure out as a concert violinist, you can accomplish in 90 days!

You see, as a young, passionate, highly skilled violinist, I would go to auditions and crumble! I couldn’t show my skill at the crucial moment to gain recognition. Because of that, I remained invisible. I couldn’t get work. It was heartbreaking.

So I made it my business to figure out how to flourish under pressure and went on to enjoy a 15 year career as the lead violin player of an orchestra!

As public speaking entered my life, I discovered that what I had figured out through the violin, became gold as a speaker!


That is why I created the

5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days

Home Study & Community Support Program


In this program you will discover how to:

  • Go from losing a sense of self or feeling lost to being grounded
  • Shift from worry to confidence
  • Have side effects such as butterflies, red face, or brain freeze drastically reduced or disappear
  • Know how to keep distractions from derailing your focus
  • Go from feeling scattered to pulled together


Through Diane’s 5 step signature program, based on over 43 years of stage time experience, you will go from where you are now to speaking with confidence backed by power.

Learning is  presented in various formats, (Diane’s book, worksheets, video, coaching and monthly surprises), held in a Private Facebook Group that fosters kindness and support.


Imagine… When you speak you are smooth and confident. You are convincing and authentic. You have strong presence and poise.

People would have confidence in you, value you and recognize your expertise.

 Who this is for:

  • You want to guarantee that you’ll nail your presentation!
  • Your income and reputation depends upon it!
  • Weird things happen to you under pressure…
  • You don’t want to “fake it till you make it” any more!
  • Worry and over self consciousness get in your way…
  • You know you can do better and want help figuring it out.
  • You are ready and willing to get into action setting yourself up to flourish – even under pressure!


Special Bonuses

30 minute one-on-one phone call with Diane Allen (Value $97)

Look & Sound Great on your YouTube Video Infomercial – Audio (Value $57)

Monthly Surprises: Diane will offer free group coaching via phone or Google Hangout, guest interviews and more. (Value…Priceless!)


You have great stage presence which makes me trust you as a speaking coach! Katie Collins

You have confident stage presence, expertise, and knowledge about speaking. You walk your talk and loved how the pauses made and impact with your words! Chinh Pham


Working with Diane 1-on-1 to receive the same results:
Cost $497 – $1,747


5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days



Gain Access!

Within 24 hours after payment, check for an email invitation to join the Private Facebook Group. All content rich materials will posted in the Files Tab.


You may ask, “How can you work on public speaking without being in person”?

There are 2 sides to public speaking:

  1. Inner Game – When you master your inner game, you can speak in front of any number of people in any situation. You can feel at ease knowing that you will keep your cool, be keenly focused, and speak with confidence. In other words, you will be relieved from embarrassing occurrences such as being tongue tied or having butterflies.
  2. Outer Game – Outer game pertains to “what to say” and “how to say it”. This is where you carefully craft your words to create the best impact possible.

5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days primarily focuses on the Inner Game and can be taught remotely. I reserve one-on-one live coaching for Outer Game issues since it’s so specialized. I also reserve one-on-one live coaching for extreme cases of fear of public speaking and for people with urgent and highly important speaking deadlines.


The biggest takeaway is having your own routine that reliably gets you into your peak zone at will. You can flourish no matter how high the stakes or how many are in the audience.

Imagine, presence of mind, deep calm confidence, and passion for your work, as you present on a stage for 453 people. The audience is filled with investors looking for their next exciting and rewarding investment. Your business can skyrocket if these investors choose to invest in you.

Can you project self confidence so the audience can feel confidence to invest in you?

Can you have “nerves of steel” but yet the “sensitivity of a violinist”?

5 of my clients recently did just that!

The investments they received ranged between $15,000 – $400,000.



Stop suffering with the roller coaster of energy and emotions as a result of public speaking without Peak Performance know how.

Instead, master your Peak Performance and flourish as you step onto the stages of your life knowing you can tap into your Peak Performance at will.



Working with Diane 1-on-1 to receive the same results:
Cost $497 – $1,747


5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days




Smiles! Diane


Peak Performance Expert Diane Allen

I wasn’t nervous until after we got finished and then my legs started to shake but I think it was from being so excited. I can not thank you enough for your coaching. I don’t think I could have been so confident going into that without the work I did with you. The world is my oyster

Triumph over Fear! Angela P.


Thank you so much for your coaching! My supervisor said “I don’t know what exactly you and Diane are working on,but it’s working.” That made me very pleased. I knew and felt, personally, that my presentation was good. But it was very great to hear it from my colleagues

Recognized and Acknowledged by Co-Workers! Maggie K.


P.S. Never have to “fake it till you make it” ever again! Gain real solutions that get to the heart of nailing your presentation. Be in the driver’s seat of making a great impression!


Working with Diane 1-on-1 to receive the same results:
Cost $497 – $1,747


5 Steps to Peak Performance in Public Speaking in 90 Days



Questions? [email protected]


Brenna’s story

My friend was accepted to interview for the job of her dreams. On the day of her interview, she was excited, nervous, and feeling a bit quivery.

As she entered the interview, this was her greeting. “You are the 45th and final person to interview for this job but we’ve already selected a candidate.”

Brenna, figuring she had nothing to lose, dropped her nervous energy to the floor and spoke from her heart. She told them why she wanted the job, why they should hire her, and how she would get up to speed on the qualifications she did not yet have.

Was she awarded the job? YES! They specifically hired her because of how she exuded confidence naturally.

As a speaking coach, I need to point out that she was triggered to drop her nerves and speak from the heart by sheer luck! Her trigger was the statement that the job was already awarded. If it were me, I may have said “thank you” and left!

What if you knew that at any given time, during any kind of circumstance, you could be in charge of your own trigger? You could drop your nerves and speak from the heart no matter what!

What opportunities would open for you?

Let’s put you in control and give you the tools you need to flourish! Anytime! Anywhere!