Diane Allen

Diane Allen – Speaker  & Public Speaking Coach Central Oregon

I became a speaker for the same reason I became a violinist: I am passionate about empowering people to freely express themselves and be heard. In my 43 years as a violinist, over 30 years as an educator, and over 6 years as a speaker, I have been fascinated by the inner game and the outer game of expression. We all face overcoming inhibitions and expressing ourselves in an effective way. We don’t get to choose how people ultimately react to us but we can do our part to speak with confidence, authenticity, and conviction. When we do our part, being heard and being clearly understood by others magnifies.

I enjoyed 15 years as Concertmaster of an orchestra performing hundreds of concerts in front of thousands of people. This meant that I was second in command next to the conductor, and that my every move was watched carefully by both the orchestra and the audience and I was able to do this with passion and prowess.

But the beginning of my violin career was plagued by shyness, debilitating inhibitions and performance anxiety. Yes I had stellar education: BM from The Manhattan School of Music and MM from The University of Akron. But after graduating, I experienced firsthand how my competence was hidden without my ability to exude confidence.

concertmasterOver the course of a decade, I figured out how to guarantee that anytime I walk on stage, I could operate at my peak no matter who was there, how many people or how high the pressure. I do consider this one of my biggest achievements and have since shared my findings with over 500 people to rock the “stages” of their lives. I continue to share and provide freedom from inhibitions to this day.

As a YouTube early adopter, the second I saw myself speaking on video, I immediately signed up for speaker training! The longer I trained as a speaker, the less interest I had in the violin. It was time to enter my next level of being expressed and heard, so I retired from my music career and stopped hiding behind the violin.

Because everything violin became gold as a speaker, I wrote a short impactful book: Exude Confidence Naturally When Speaking in Public, Tips from a New York City Violinist.

As a speaker, I’ve kept my high violin standards of only training with the best of the best. I have enjoyed discovering my own authentic, magnetic voice. Because I’m at teacher at heart, I now help others to discover the source of their authentic, magnetic voice.

Angela Hucles Olympian & President of the Women's Sports Foundation

Angela Hucles
President of the Women’s Sports Foundation

As a public speaking coach, I have helped many women in upper management to be heard in challenging environments, and have been on the coaching staff for the Bend Venture Conference 2014-15 and for TEDxBend 2016.

I now split my time between being a public speaking coach and speaking to college age women about how to close the confidence gap.

What I love most is that I’m in the freedom delivery business. I help people to overcome inhibitions and freely show up in their authenticity with natural confidence. I help people to liberate their messages so that they can make a difference in the world.