You’ve Got This!

Learn everything you need to know in order to be convincing and dramatically increase your influence


Does this ever happen to you?BeConvincing1“I just spoke. Apparently into thin air.”


BeConvincing2“Really? I just gave them GOLD and they are acting as if I’m off the wall!”


BeConvincing3“Did they not hear that I just presented the solution?”


If you’re not convincing and your expertise remains hidden, it’s time to make a serious change.


“My supervisor rated me very highly during my performance review. He cited the main reason as my impact during a leadership team meeting that you helped me to prepare for. My skills hadn’t changed at all but I utilized the how to be convincing speaking model you outlined. Because of that, he changed his opinion of me. I am continuing to use each of the tools and I’m really grateful.” A.I.S. 18 years in Product & Development, Kao


d78Diane Allen is passionate about supporting Women to develop their Leadership Presence. Diane shows women the exact same speaking tools that professional speakers use to convince an audience. Women who have implemented these tools have had immediate results in their daily lives.



Here’s what I know for sure!

You can be convincing right away, whatever your circumstances are.

You have valuable knowledge, skills and expertise that others will love to discover.

What you’ve learned before about how to be convincing may have been missing some of the most integral pieces or come from a man’s point of view.


There is no reason for you to continue to feel invisible, misunderstood, or unheard.

It’s your time to gain the life skills necessary to be convincing. 

You’ll learn how to do it in an authentic way that enhances your integrity and will greatly increase your influence.


That’s why I created the course:

How to Be Convincing


Take the “ick” out of being “convincing” and feel comfortable doing it.

Learn the key elements necessary to be convincing.

Find out exactly why you haven’t been convincing and what you need to change.


Here’s what you’ll get.


Comprehensive information and specific “how to’s” are delivered through:

Dynamic audio recordings filled with information, inspiration and real life examples.

A workbook to identify and document your personalized resources to be convincing.

Steps to bridge the gap between learning and action.

A private Facebook group where I’ll be there to support you every step of the way.




($497 value)

Just $197 to increase my influence? YES!

You’ll gain immediate access and you can start to be more convincing tomorrow.

bonus A one-on-one session with Diane (Value $250)

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BeConvincing1They heard me! They saw my point of view!  (I did it!)


BeConvincing2“They see the GOLD! (and it was easier than I thought…)


BeConvincing3“Now they get it! (I convinced them…)”




($497 value)


Diane Allen SpeakerDiane specializes in life changing “Aha Moments” combined with easy to assimilate “How-to’s” that empower women with life-long skills that create lasting results. Between Diane’s former career as a Concert Violinist and her current career as a Speaker, she has been on stage over 1,000 times.