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Women’s Leadership Skills

I have designated an entire blog to this topic!

Enjoy inspiration, how-to’s and more here.

Need Help with Public Speaking?

Find your voice.Give voice to your ideas.Make a difference.Exude Confidence.Be Convincing.Gain Respect.Authenticity.Polished Professionalism.Results.Lead.


Energy Speaks – Incourage Leading

Thank you Jone Bosworth for the honor of being a guest blogger! Click to Read

Interview: Journey from Violin to Speaking & Women’s Empowerment



Interview with Alain Guillot.

I hope to take dance lessons with Alain some day!

A Congruent Life – Inspirational Stories of Authenticity and Reinvention

Andy Gray interviews Diane Allen for A Congruent Life –

Inspirational Stories of Authenticity and Reinvention

 This was an amazing opportunity to talk about my life story and transition.

Ignite Bend – Audience Point of View

A bit of background here. This was a magical evening. Before my speech the Ignite Bend folks raffled off all their sponsor items. They saved the biggest and best for last. A beautiful portrait of a barred owl that had taken up residence in a public park here in Bend, OR.  My son, Scott won the portrait. He was overwhelmed with emotion. Find out why when you see this video! FYI – I re-posted this video because this one has the sound from the audience whereas the professional recording has the sound from the mic and little audience reaction is audible.