Co-Existence: Fear of Public Speaking & Peak Performance


Ever hear of the Law of Polarity?

It basically means that without polarity we would lose our frame of reference.

For example: without darkness we wouldn’t understand light.

So when polar opposites exist they create a richness in the understanding of the full spectrum that lies in between. They also create the possibility that the entire spectrum exists within you at each an every moment.

Fear of Public Speaking & Peak Performance can be thought of as polar opposites. At any given moment in time, we can flounder or flourish and anywhere in between. It’s all available to us!

But who wants to flounder? Ever???

Steps to reliably duplicate getting into your peak zone is the main topic that Hugh Liddle & I had the pleasure of talking about in this Blog Talk Radio Interview. Hugh is a Sales Coach who fully understands the importance of having the right mindset and having your energy back you up (not negate what is coming out of your mouth). You can find Hugh here:

Enjoy our conversation about getting into your peak zone here:

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