Dear active, high achieving, soulful women!

Speak with confidence & impact!
Maintain & honor your feminine nature.
Gain credibility, establish your authority and earn more money.

Do you withhold your opinion? Are you afraid of coming across too strong? Maybe people won’t like what you have to say?

You put your heart & soul into everything you do. You have valuable advice & background. If only people would just see this!

You want to establish yourself as an authority but don’t know how without coming across as pompous or insensitive.

Women are sensitive beings. While we all recognize this as an amazing attribute, it can cause us to become tongue tied, afraid to speak up, or become overly worried about what other people think.

Yet we long to be sought after and valued.

How can we as women speak with confidence & impact and maintain our sensitivity? Can we gain the edge we are looking for without compromising ourselves? Can we become recognized, gain credibility & establish authority without stepping on other’s toes or coming across as an egomaniac?

Confident Impactful Speaking

A Results Oriented Workshop for Women

Whether you are the household CEO, community leader, saleswoman, or professional, communication is your medium. Confident Impactful Speaking – A Results Oriented Workshop for Women takes a holistic approach to the art & science of speaking. This is not a “how-to-present-better” or “how not to be nervous” workshop.

This workshop will transform your sense of confidence so that it is always there for you – never fading in and out. We’ll explore how to use your natural sensitivity & intuition to connect with others. You will gain tools to make it easy for you to speak with clarity.

  • Women will discover how to tap into the heart of their confidence. “Being” confident rather than “acting” confident. (Holistic approach – not a band-aid.)
  • The “inner game” of speaking will boost your confidence levels. Learn how to calm your overactive mind before, during or after any speaking – whether it’s one on one or in front of a group.
  • Gain skills about connecting with your listeners in a way that will magnify your results & tap into your own feminine touch of sensitivity & intuition.
  •  Learn how to clearly deliver content without over talking.

Successful Communication Combines Inner Confidence, Connecting with the Listener & Clear Delivery of Content

Confidence + Connection + Clarity = Impact

A friend of mine really wanted a particular job. Through persistence she was finally “allowed” to interview. When she walked in they told her they had 250 applicants, they interviewed 45 and she is the very last person to interview. By the way – they already had picked who they wanted for the job. Instead of walking out she relaxed thinking as long as I’m here & they’ve already picked someone… She openly told them she may not meet all the qualifications but she knows she can get up to speed. She told them why she wanted the job and how they would benefit from hiring her. You already can tell right? She got the job! Why? She exuded confidence!

Her relaxed state was a “happy accident”. What if that “happy accident” state is something you could turn on at will & use regularly?  

Confident Impactful Speaking

A Results Oriented Workshop for Women

Will give you the tools to turn that “happy accident” into a “purposeful mindset”!

Oh my gosh, the team raved about you! They found you to be engaging, organized and relevant to their needs.
Joanne Diepenheim, Ripple Effects Virtual Assistance

Diane Allen

A world of opportunities await you!
~Diane Allen

I am the perfect combination of my parents! My mother is a highly sensitive & skilled artist. Initially I went for this artistic side and have had an extensive career as a performing violinist and sought after violin instructor. By my mid 30’s, I finally overcame all of my fears regarding violin performance and have had worry free performances since then. I’ve taught well over 20,000 hours over the years. All the pieces of the puzzle…in place!

My father used confident speaking and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to become a self-made multi-millionaire. About the time I had all my ducks in a row for my violin career, my entrepreneurial spirit awoke! I’ve published 14 violin & viola workbooks now available on Amazon and have an online video course about honing specific violin skills.

Turning to video, I quickly realized I needed to address my speaking skills and sought training through Toastmasters International. While I enjoy the clarity Toastmasters training has brought to my speaking, there’s no doubt that my father’s influence plus my extensive performing career has certainly given me an edge!

The longer I’ve trained as a public speaker, the more I’ve fallen in love with speaking. As a long time performer & educator in the performing arts, it became apparent what is lacking with the training available for public speaking. Now a speaking coach – my unique approach stems from marrying my performing experience, teaching skills & love of public speaking.

Diane is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is a pleasure to hear. As a natural educator,  she is skilled at challenging people’s perspectives and revealing new insights. 

A few years ago, Diane shared from her experience as a violinist how important it is to learn a piece of music inside and out, and the correlation with public speaking, specifically prepared speeches. She emphasized the value of practicing a speech and how many times it truly takes for a person to learn something new on a visceral level. She encouraged me to fine tune my speeches and memorize the key elements not just from the beginning as I had done, but backwards and forwards from the middle and end. This is one thing I have kept in mind many times,and I have profited well from her wisdom. 

Andrea Brown – Consultant & Trainer

Why attend Confident Impactful Speaking: A Results Oriented Workshop for Women? The benefits are many! Public speaking is the quickest way for a group of people to recognize you as a trusted authority. You’ll learn how to remain calm & un-tie the knots between your tongue & your brain. What a relief to be speaking effortlessly! By honing your communication skills you’ll save valuable time. With effective speaking – results show up. Money can be a direct result of public speaking in the form of fundraising, a job promotion or more sales.

Benefits come in many different facets. Reduce stress & drastically diminish any painful jitters, nerves or fear of speaking. Enjoy your new found comfort. Notice how you’ve gained credibility & recognition with the proof being that you are now being sought out for your opinion. Gain the edge you need to enhance your results and do it in the company of like minded women. Enjoy the camaraderie. Women who transform together form lasting relationships

After a 30 minute conversation with Diane, I feel empowered to apply the suggestions she made of connecting with clients. Her suggestions were: get to know my clients by asking questions, tell them my personal story, and absorb myself in my passion during a presentation. She elaborated on how to handle those annoying judgmental voices that go on in your head while presenting, gave advice in how to let those judgments go and focus on my passion during the presentation.

Jeremy Johnson – Juice Plus Representative

We will be coming together on the following dates and times

  • October 10, 4:00-5:30 PM, Pre-event Bonus
  • October 17, 4:00-5:30 PM, Session 1
  • October 24, 4:00-5:30 PM, Session 2
  • October 31, 4:00-5:30 PM, Session 3

Blue Skies interior

Enjoy this appealing, warm & welcoming environment!

(no grey walls and fluorescent lights – woo hoo!)
Blue Skies Healing Arts
2789 Clearwater Dr. Bend, OR 97701

Value of the Workshop: $497 (amount you would spend to meet with me alone)

Workshop Price: Early Bird $197 –  Full Price $297 after October 6th


Early Bird Sign Up Bonuses

  1. Free Pre-Event Group Conversation: Must register by October 6th to attend. In this hour we spend together, we’ll get to know each other & be lead  through an engaging discussion about women speaking & issues such as the gender gap, pleasing others, self promotion and more.
  2. Early Bird Pricing: $197 through October 6th ($300 savings)
  3. Girlfriend Pricing: Bring your girlfriend! 2 for the price of 1! $50 deposit for your friend will be refunded at the first workshop.
  4. Group Pricing: Calling all business, companies & organizations! Pay full price for the first attendee & 50% discount for the rest! 3 person minimum for this bonus. Call to order for this option.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Burst Badge Orange

 100% Money back guarantee if after attending the first workshop you are extremely disappointed.

You’ve Got the Passion. Get Into Action!

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As the active, high achieving, soulful woman you are, what would be possible for you if you could increase your effectiveness through confident, impactful speaking?

The price of Confident Impactful Speaking: A Results Oriented Workshop for Women is an investment worth making! Enjoy having opportunities become available to you – instead of watching someone else receive those same chances. Get paid what you are worth and release yourself from a stagnant income. Enjoy easily & naturally exuding confidence. You’re not a wall flower anymore! Expand your connections and become recommended instead of struggling to retain your current leads. Polish your professionalism! Not only do you “dress the part” but you now “speak the part”.

Thank you so much for coming and sharing with our group. It was a great reminder that we can learn to overcome our fears and improve our skills with training.

I thought your presentation and interaction with our group was great. Very relaxed and eased, and just made everyone feel that they could do this.

Julie Hammond, Branch Manager Beecher Carlson Insurance

What will attendees get?

  • 3 workshop sessions 1 1/2 hours each (4 with Pre-Event Group Conversation)
  • Written materials to complement the workshop
  • Time with like minded women
  • Gain experience
  • Skills you can apply immediately

Working together as a group you’ll find comfort in knowing you are not alone. We can all nurture each other and provide support as we get in touch with our true speaking voices. When we improve our performance through speaking, we become noticed, recognized and acknowledged. We earn more money, enjoy results and have more fun!

If delivering your message from deep confidence, calmness & with effectiveness is what you are looking for, you will love Confident Impactful Speaking – A Results Oriented Workshop for Women.

Choose your ticket type from the drop down menu

PS As women, we are excellent communicators with a strong message.  If you are looking to be heard, become recognized, & earn more money, Confident Impactful Speaking – A Results Oriented Workshop for Women is for you.