Create a Lasting Impression

Elevator Speech Session

Are you a high achieving, soulful women who pours her heart into her work?

Do you feel shy, apprehensive, or squirmy about having to toot your own horn?

Do you long to gain more respect, recognition, and become more widely known?


Can you explain the essence of your business, product or service in 30 seconds?

Which words best capture that essence and provide understanding?

What does it take to stand out in the crowd, be remembered, and create a lasting impression of the value you offer?

Elevator Speech Session

In one 30 minute power packed session you will create:

  • one compelling statement that intrigues the listener about your business, product or service
  • one story that dynamically demonstrates the results of your business, product or service
  • the know-how to create compelling statements and stories on your own

The compelling statement and dynamic story will leave lasting impressions. Use them for consistent messaging when networking, presenting, creating videos, writing copy for websites, blog entries and social media. 


Advance and dignify your work with words that elevate the understanding of the value you offer.

Establish your reputation and land a solid foundation for connection.

Feel natural confidence as the words that describe the essence of your work roll effortlessly off your tongue.


Putting Your Best Face Forward On Video (audio replay)

Value: $57     Cost: Complimentary Bonus

  • Exude confidence naturally in front of a video camera.
  • Connect with the listener even though you don’t see them.
  • What to say and how to say it.
  • YouTube tips.

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Value: $157

Cost: $97

With the receipt of your payment you will receive a brief prep form and directions to schedule your session.

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