EDCO & Diane Allen Present

Attention: Early Stage Startups, & Bootstrappers!

Thursday, February 18th 2016 – Enrollment is still open!

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sad womanDoes developing your Pitch take a back seat? Do you “wing” your pitch? Are you showing up like a scattered entrepreneur?

The only way to develop a stellar Pitch and deliver with calm confidence is to carve out the time and get assistance.

We not only want to make this easy for you, but we want you to develop a Pitch that is as worthy as your idea. We want to remove as many obstacles as possible and increase the probability of your success.

It pains us all when a poor presentation prevents a great idea from taking flight…





That’s why we are offering 

Spring Training: Hone Your Pitch to Win the Game

Pitch Workshops

Diane Allen, Pitch Coach Eloquent Expression

Be Your Brand – February 18, 2-5pm

Be the face & voice of your business
Exude confidence naturally
How to build trust when you speak

The Elevator Pitch – March 10, 2-5pm

Build recognition
Be likable as you toot your horn
Make a great impression as you “ask”

The Customer Traction Pitch – March 31, 2-5pm

Enroll fans, clients, & customers
Turn sales dread into joy
Gain validation & traction

The Investor Pitch – April 7, 2-5pm

Exude confidence naturally
Slam dunk your Q. & A.
Build investor trust



BrianVierraOne of the key differentiating factors of the Bend Venture Conference is the quality of the pitches that are delivered by the finalists. Diane has been the secret sauce behind making sure these pitches are the best they can be. The result has been world class angel and venture pitches from some of the most exciting startups in the region.

Brian Vierra, Venture Catalyst, Economic Development of Central Oregon

The Bend Venture Conference comes once a year, but we at EDCO want to provide you with year around support. Diane Allen, EDCO Pitch Coach for the Bend Venture Conference has developed this workshop series so you can master your Pitch, gain funding and enjoy growth opportunities.



You would spend $3,000 for this comprehensive education.

EDCO & Diane Allen are collaborating so that you’ll

receive a substantial discount

without any compromise on the quality of developing your Pitch.

$100 – 1 Workshop

$300 – Entire Series of 4 Workshops


EDCO Pub Talk September 2015

green-question-mark-2You may ask, “What if I’m not ready?” There are 2 reasons why everyone is ALWAYS ready to develop their Pitch.

1. Developing a Pitch is one of the quickest ways to shine the light on gaps of information. You’ll find out exactly what those gaps are so you can streamline your efforts as you fill in those gaps.
2. People will leave with systems in place that can be used over and over again. These workshops will leave people with a solid foundation to build on.


Peak Performance Expert Diane Allen

Founders are frustrated with lack of time to develop a Pitch. Investors are frustrated with lack of clarity in Pitches. Brian Vierra has witnessed great ideas fall by the wayside due to poor presentation.

As a Pitch Coach, I’ve devised this program to make sure that Founders are fully supported to develop their Pitch, so that Investors get the information they need, and so that no great idea gets left behind.

Diane Allen, Pitch Coach, Economic Development of Central Oregon


Grab Your Spot Now – Limited to 15 Participants

All Workshops will be held on Thursdays from 2 – 5pm

EDCO Offices
705 SW Bonnett Way, Ste 1000
Bend, OR. 97702

Each workshop can be taken alone.
For best results, and for best cost, take the entire series.

Be Your Brand – February 18, 2-5pm

The Elevator Pitch – March 10, 2-5pm

The Customer Traction Pitch – March 31, 2-5pm

The Investor Pitch – April 7, 2-5pm

Purchase the Entire Workshop Series


Questions? Contact Diane Allen directly! Click Here or Call: 541-617-0340
(Do not call EDCO)


EDCO Pub Talk September 2015

Thank you so much Diane for preparing me to answer the Q. & A. at the Bend Venture Conference. Everyone told me I did great. I don’t think I could have been so confident going into that without the work I did with you. The world is my oyster! A. P.

I went from an incredibly embarrassing public speaking fail in front of an audience of 100 to 100% conversion rates pitching to bankers and investors. Diane turned me around in 10 short hours! M. K.

I have repeatedly used a story Diane & I worked on for my winning pitch at the Bend Venture Conference. Each time I use that story, it opens up more doors of opportunity! A.C.