Eliminate Fear Based Marketing – Thrive with Empowerment Marketing

empowermentmarketingYou’ve most likely been taught fear based marketing using fear of pain points as a motivator to take action.

Eliminating fear based marketing means the person choosing to adopt an idea or make a purchase does it out of self empowerment instead of fear.

When selling an idea, product or service this way, you maintain your integrity, are authentic, and gain trust.

Why read about this topic from a Speaker? It’s all about the audience!

These are the puzzle pieces necessary:

  • Know exactly what your idea, product or service does.
  • Know who the audience is.
  • Treat the audience like a hero.
  • Identify what you are disrupting.
  • The idea, product or service is presented as a means of support.

Now – tell a story!

  • The audience is the protagonist.
  • What you are disrupting is the antagonist.
  • The idea, product or service is the vehicle for the audience to reach their ideals.

Fear Based Marketing is losing it’s ability to convert. We’ve been overly saturated with it for decades. People are NOT blind to it any more. In fact they now distrust people who use fear to sell.

Empowerment Marketing is gaining audience trust by authentically sharing through story. Lift up your audience, empower them, and give them the vehicle to reach their ideals so that they can become the hero in their lives!

Here’s an informally made video on this topic:


Speaker Diane Allen is a Pitch Coach for the Bend Venture Conference and a Speaking Coach for TedxBend where she’s helped others to hone a powerful story that empowers people into action. If you are curious about honing your important story through an Empowerment Marketing Session, contact Diane to see if this would benefit you. Email: [email protected]

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