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Tired of fear based marketing? If you really like the empowerment marketing style of the Nike ad “Better for It”, and you’d like to apply the same approach, READ ON!

Here’s a synopsis of the Nike ad:  A few women decide to take on an exercise goal. Their biggest obstacle is their own self talk. Each of them reach their goals by overcoming their own self talk and become “Better for It”. Here’s the ad:

How did watching this make you feel?

It wasn’t about Nike, it was about women becoming empowered. Nike’s products, especially with the words “Better for It” help to anchor women to remember to stay on top of their own self talk. Nike is supporting women to continue to empower themselves.

How would your clientele feel if you marketed to them in this way? How would you feel marketing in this way?

Let’s handle some concerns right up front.

  1. “With an established brand like Nike, they can do whatever they want! How can I possibly pull this off?” It’s all about the call to action. The Nike url takes women directly to their sales page. Yours would do the same. Anyone can do this and make a difference in the world.
  2. “Making a video of this quality is way over my head!” Stay tuned, I have an example below of how to do this with written word and carefully picked pictures.
  3. “Why would a Speaker help people with their Marketing?” The commonalities between speaking and marketing are: getting intimately acquainted with your audience, creating connection, and telling a story that moves people to action.

These are the puzzle pieces necessary to create an empowerment marketing campaign:

  • Know exactly what your idea, product or service does.
  • Know who the audience is and their hurdles with regards to your idea, product, or service.
  • Treat the audience like a hero.
  • Identify what you are disrupting.
  • The idea, product or service is presented as a means of support.

Now – tell a story!

  • The audience is the protagonist.
  • What you are disrupting is the antagonist.
  • The idea, product or service is the vehicle for the audience to reach their ideals.

Just like Authors have a process for writing, Speakers have a process for creating a speech. When I use that same process to help people develop Marketing, rich content is uncovered and a stronger genuine message surfaces. People feel a sense of relief because of the high level of authenticity and in no way feels like slimy sales. For those of you who do sales from the stage, everything here applies.

One woman came to me after spending $15,000 on a website that didn’t in any way represent what she was trying to convey. Her web designer did have a process but it was clearly lacking the depth. A CEO of a Startup, 1 year after helping him hone his story told me that the story paved the way to $400,000 in funding. A friend of mine thought she was procrastinating with doing her own marketing when all that was missing was the process.

Here’s a mock up of a project I worked on. I read the “before” fear based marketing, and then present the “after” empowerment marketing.

Fear Based Marketing is losing it’s ability to convert. We’ve been overly saturated with it for decades. People are NOT blind to it any more. In fact they now distrust people who use fear to sell.

Empowerment Marketing is gaining audience trust by authentically sharing through story. Lift up your audience, empower them, and give them the vehicle to reach their ideals so that they can become the hero in their lives!

If you are curious to learn more about how an Empowerment Marketing Session can help you email me [email protected] and we’ll have a chance to talk about it no strings attached.

If I can help you to share your Marketing message in a powerful yet authentic way, it would be my honor…

Speaker, Diane Allen has coached many people to use powerful storytelling techniques to create a strong call to action. Her approach is directly applicable to online marketing. Diane’s clients have used story to receive up to $400,000 in funding at the Bend Venture Conference and have delivered their one idea worth sharing at TEDxBend.

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