Fear of Public Speaking

Red Zone

You’d rather sleep with snakes than speak in front of a group. You clam up under pressure…big time. Your main tactic is avoidance.

Yellow Zone

You have inhibitions or get overly self conscious in certain situations. Other situations you are just fine. Confidence can come and go. Your main tactic is feel the fear and do it anyways but that can lead to roller coaster energy and emotions with some drama thrown in. You know you can do better and you want to.

Green Zone

You are in your element in front of audiences, microphones, spotlights and high stakes events. You love leading people and having all eyes on you. Bring it on!



Now that you know which zone you are in, how important is it for you to take the journey to the Green Zone? What would be possible for you? Traction in your endeavors? Recognition that is past due? More money?


My whole life, I’ve been on the Green Zone quest and I consider it one of my greatest achievements.

From my Red Zone beginnings as a shy kid, I fell in love with the violin and stepped into the Yellow Zone.

When I graduated college and it was time to interview for jobs, I sunk back into the Red Zone and wrangled with it for 10 years!

concertmasterIn that time I figured out a system that gets me consistently into the Green Zone and went on to become the concertmaster of an orchestra performing hundreds of concerts in front of thousands of people. All eyes on me meant that not only was I front and center for the audience, but the entire orchestra relied on me as well.

During this time I began training as a Speaker, and found that everything from my experiences as a violinist transferred beautifully to speaking in front of audiences.

I took the Green Zone for granted and after 2 decades of living there, had an unexpected Red Zone experience that was very embarrassing.

The reflection process after this “tragic” event ended up becoming a gold mine. I was finally able to identify exactly what I do to get into the Green Zone in a way that not only serves me, but I can now show people how to do it for themselves.


It worked! Thank You! No nerves!  – Michelle R.

My anxiety has come down quite a few notches – no longer a victim to that! – M.R.

Thank you so much Diane. Everyone told me I did great. I wasn’t nervous until after we got finished and then my legs started to shake but I think it was from being so excited. I can not thank you enough for your coaching. I don’t think I could have been so confident going into that without the work I did with you. The world is my oyster!

~Angela P.


If I can save you time overcoming inhibitions,
and help you feel confidence and exude confidence….it would be my honor!

When you commit to making it happen, you’ll embark on
one of the most rewarding achievements of your life.

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