Get it into your Bones!

bonesSigns that you haven’t integrated and internalized your material:

Ready to up my game, I decided to combine my Public Speaking talents with my Violin Playing talents. With my Public Speaking hat on I delivered the pre-concert lecture. It was fun, engaging and the audience loved it. As soon as I finished, I turned around, gave the cue for the music to start…and not a single sound came out of my violin! My joints were locked and I could hardly move! Luckily it was a string quartet and the other players kept on playing while I patiently waited for the Public Speaking excitement released into my bloodstream to dissipate! I vowed to figure out a way for that to never happen again.

Have you ever been completely sidelined by the unexpected? Did it result in extreme embarrassment?

What is the solution? In my case I had practiced my pre-concert lecture and I had practiced the music. What did I leave out? Matching my practice with the outcome! I never practiced putting the two together. What I learned, in and embarrassing way in front of an audience is something I could have learned prior. I needed to work on transitioning between Speaking & Violin Playing. In other words, I hadn’t practiced the transition to the point where it was “in my bones”.

My performance failures were heartbreaking but for some reason I always got back up and tried again. Now that I have a reliable system that serves me in a wide variety of situations, and the worry of potential embarrassment is gone, I have turned to sharing this knowledge and wisdom with people like you.

Does looking at the Inner Game of being in front of an audience interest or fascinate you?

Reliably duplicating Peak Performance – How would a tool like that serve you?

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