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Shatter Your Glass Ceiling


Are you struggling with Glass Ceiling issues like lack of recognition, advancement, or pay?

Would you like to gain support, speak with impact, and take action steps to end your frustrations?

I know how hard it can be to know your value and expertise and not have it recognized by others. It can feel as if you are invisible, unappreciated or labeled wrongly. I also know how hard it can be to watch yourself balk or underperform. There you are, perfectly or overly qualified, and when you are with important people or at important events you get a bit awkward with your thinking or words or maybe even nerves take over. Because of this your anxiety rises beforehand and afterwards you replay the scenarios over and over again in your head.

I too felt incredibly frustrated watching myself grossly misrepresent my expertise during job interviews. In my case my nerves derailed me and I became labeled low on the ladder by co-workers. This didn’t happen just once… But my belief in myself was stronger than my obstacles. Once I found a way to flourish under pressure and gracefully display my expertise, I enjoyed a long and rewarding career with full recognition. On top of that, I used the exact same skill set to change people’s perceptions of me again when I changed careers.

I don’t want you to feel stuck, frustrated or like a victim of circumstances. Not only did I find a system that worked for me, but I have been sharing that system with women in middle and upper management to stand in their power, drastically reduce or eliminate their nerves, and enjoy genuine praise from people that really matter.

That’s why I created the Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Project.


After working with Diane my nerves went away pitching to bankers and investors. As a result my conversion rates increased and I advanced to a leadership role 1 year ahead of schedule.

M. K. Development Manager

People finally stopped calling me “Crazy” and respected my big picture viewpoint! Before Diane, I had no idea what to do about being labeled.

S. D. Manager

I used to be accused of derailing meetings. I found out why and now know how to help people see the possibilities that I see without people thinking I’m “derailing”.

M.S. Vice President



If you are looking to increase your impact, develop unshakable confidence, and gain skills to not only stand in your power but feel comfortable as you do it,

this may be for you.


Here’s how it works:

Because you have so much to offer, and I am passionate about making sure a woman’s expertise is being fully recognized and valued, I am offering these high quality conference calls free of cost.

Twice a month I facilitate conference calls that feature Action Steps or a Circle. The Action Step calls deep dive into specific strategies to boost your visibility in a positive light. In the Circles, we discuss a topic and women have the opportunity to share victories, challenges and ask for specific advice. We also talk about Mentorship, one of the proven keys for highly successful women.

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Here’s a taste of what these conference calls are like

Positioning is Powerful

July 1, 2015

Find out how positioning can help you gain more recognition and increase your value in other people’s eyes (without being pompous or masculine).

Diane_HS_print_6.5x10Diane Allen is a Tranformational Leader. She is a Speaking Coach who specializes in Peak Performance. Diane empowers women to have a “voice” and step into their full potential.

A professional violinist turned Speaker, Author, & Speaking Coach, Diane’s professional violin career featured performances on stages in front of thousands. That experience provided the atmosphere for her to hone the techniques necessary for mastering performance under intense pressure.

Diane parlays her extensive performing experience into coaching women to become effective communicators, delivering their message with confidence backed by authenticity and power.

Diane, an experienced award winning speaker, has trained with Vocal Women, Thrive Academy & Toastmasters International. As a violinist she has both Bachelor & Master Degree in Violin Performance and has studied with violinists from major international orchestras. Diane enjoyed performing for 15 years as the Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony.

Shatter Your Glass Ceiling Mastery

If you are looking for Mastery, this group program features in depth experiential training for women to reign:

  • Flourish under intense pressure
  • Speak & be heard (without being pompous or masculine)
  • Gain recognition for your expertise & value

And do this all while enjoying greater satisfaction and relieving stress.

There are a limited number of openings for this program. If you are interested in learning more or applying, contact me directly: [email protected]