Got Flow?

photo 2As a young violinist, in the waiting room for my “BIG” audition, feeling excited about the opportunity available to me, I dropped my violin! Clumsiness is one of those symptoms of losing your flow! You can guess the outcome of my audition!

As a mature violinist, and public speaker, with many successful years of calm fully self expressed engagements in front of thousands, I had an unexpected case of debilitating and embarrassing nerves. What had I been doing to be in my “flow” while under pressure for so many years? What had I taken for granted on this embarrassing day?

Have you ever lost your flow, felt awkward, uncomfortable and not in your own skin when speaking under pressure? Have you ever lost your flow when you needed it most?

If my embarrassing concert and speaking event never happened, I wouldn’t be here today! Because I grew from that young clumsy violinist and speaker to the sure of herself violinist and speaker, I was able to retrace my experience and really pin point how I set myself up to flow under pressure. Having identified my steps to flourishing in front of an audience, I’ve vowed to follow my own advice for the rest of my life!

I know you’ve had your own kind of clumsy or embarrassing moments: tongue tied, forgetfulness, afraid to say what you are really thinking or thinking of the perfect answer – after the fact.

These kinds of experiences happen when you really want to shine, take a new bold step, or open yourself up to new opportunities.

What if you could have a reliable way of always being in your flow? What if you knew you could keep your cool when you most need to shine? What if you could be in charge of your own flow?

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  1. I try to rehears something as many times as possible in order to be able to carry on if I lose my flow. It’s not always possible, but I’m winning more than I lose these days

    • Yes! I think people are afraid of rehearsing because they fear sounding too canned. In reality, rehearsal frees you up!

  2. We do end up becoming pretty awesome people when we master the fear and gain the confidence.That helps us all to stay in the flow. Great article. Blessings.

  3. To get/stay in the flow, I carry a grounding crystal in my pocket and reach for it if the nerves need a bit of calming when I am presenting to a group.

    • Love it! I’ve got a favorite crystal too…

  4. I find that a few minutes of loud worship music in my ears calms me every time and blocks out the crap that is making it worse. I tend to experience anxiety attacks on a regular basis since I’ve been in the hormonal fluctuation of mid-life, so these moments needing to calm seem to come more often lately. Other times I find a great deal of emotional peace just by taking some time to sit outside and feel the wind on my skin or look at the clouds or stars.

    • I really appreciate that you know how to ground yourself Kim! Anxiety attacks are no fun! We can all establish routines that keep us in great shape so we can flourish on the stages of our lives!

  5. Being in management for so long, I’ve just learned to bluff my way through the nerves. My biggest fear (esp. in later years) has always been to lose my thought thread in front of listeners and go blank. I think I’ll take your assessment quiz! All very good and valid points. I think most of us need your help.

    • Hey Linda – I think there is something behind the “fake it till you make it” “bluff through the nerves” approach. It means that you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone! With regards to the forgetfulness and going blank – that is directly related to the fight or flight response. Even mildly triggered, your body reacts and for you its the fear of going blank. It’s easier than you realize to manage. Not only that – you can surpass and think even sharper. For now – my advice would be that it is perfectly O.K. to pause and collect your thoughts. People want to make a good impression so they think they should be able to answer immediately. Taking time to pause often does wonders!

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