How Rude!


Signs that your Inner Judge just rudely interrupted:

I walked into the audition knowing an exciting opportunity could be mine. I felt calm, in control yet passionate about the music I was about to play. Feet firmly planted, posture in check, I took a deep breath and began. Holy smokes! I’m having a peak moment! I’ve never sounded this great! Ever! “Well, let’s see how long you can keep this up…” said my Internal Judge. In an instant, it was as if a fully blown up balloon had been released. The rest of the audition fizzled and by the end completely fell flat. It’s tough witnessing self sabotage… I vowed to figure out a way for that to never happen again.

Have you ever witnessed your Inner Judge speak out of turn? Did it result in self sabotage? Did it get in the way of achievement?

What is the solution? The Inner Judge is very important when you are in preparation and practicing. Preparing with your Inner Judge means that as you repeat you choose what too keep and what to improve. However, when it’s time to actually present, the Inner Judge seems to wake up like never before! It’s important to know this because it’s your job to reverse it. You want your Inner Judge to wake up like never before during rehearsal. Once you are in front of an audience, you need to ask your Inner Judge to quietly sit down in the audience and give you valuable feedback later. If despite your best efforts the Inner Judge still interrupts, kindly thank the Judge for looking out for your best interests and promise you’ll converse later.

The quest for being in my Peak Zone was a long, arduous, but fascinating path. Now that I have a reliable system that serves me in a wide variety of situations, and the worry of potential embarrassment is gone, I have turned to sharing this knowledge and wisdom with people like you.

Does looking at the Inner Game of being in front of an audience interest or fascinate you?

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