How to Answer Unexpected Questions like a Pro (Boost your Reputation!)


Do unexpected questions throw you off or make you tongue tied? What does the voice inside your head say “Oh no…they are going to find out I really am a fraud!” Perhaps your internal voice doesn’t speak until afterwards “I’m a Dork! Hemming, hawing… Why couldn’t I remember the answer on the spot?”

How to manage the shock:

Step 1: Stop being so hard on yourself! There are real physiological reasons why people get thrown off and tongue tied. You are normal!

Step 2: Acknowledge and release your fight or flight response. Example: Acknowledge “My heart is racing!” Release “Ah! That’s normal. I will continue, knowing my heart will slow down without me paying attention to it.”

Step 3: Buy yourself time and calibrate yourself by re-stating the question out loud to the questioner.

How to sound like a Pro:

Step 1: Pause! Yup – pause like a pro.

Step 2: Crucial Alert…Be yourself! Other people’s shoes rarely fit.

Step 3: Speak using a form that best suits the topic. Examples: Before-During-After, Intro-3 points-Summary, Who What Where When How, etc.

People who train with me do gain an edge from my peak performance background.You can say all the right things in the right way, but without knowing how to manage the shock and your fight or flight response, visible stammering, sweat, or quivers speak louder than words. Besides, a little know how means you function faster and feel better about yourself afterwards.

Because I’m so passionate about supporting women, and this barely scratches the surface, I am going to deliver a free Teleseminar and go in depth on this topic.

Sunday, April 12th, 2015 @ 5pm Pacific Time.

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