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Women's Leadership & Empowerment

Creating Gender Equity

Closing the Confidence Gap

I turn “Where are the women leaders?”

into “Here are the women leaders!”

Do you hesitate to speak up? Are you overly self-conscious? Do you find that when you do speak, your opinion isn’t valued? Have you presented ideas, solutions, and answers that were never taken seriously or implemented by others? Would you like to know how to be convincing and feel calm and in control as you do it?

I have worked with many executive women one-on-one on how to be convincing and powerfully face gender gap issues at work. But one-on-one work is a slow way to create gender equity! I now speak and train groups with the very same skills that I’ve used with executive women.

I show women how to exude confidence and tap into their authentic, magnetic leadership presence so that they can confidently speak, command attention, and be heard. Women leave knowing how to go from “acting” confident to “being” a confident, convincing leader and feel like themselves in the process.

  • workbookExude confidence naturally.
  • Develop leadership presence.
  • Take the “ick” out of being “convincing” and feel comfortable doing it.
  • Learn the key elements necessary to be convincing.
  • Find out exactly why you haven’t been convincing and what you need to change.


Women who have worked with me have had their ideas valued, solutions implemented, and have gained visibility. Outcomes experienced have been increased leadership presence and adoption of ideas during meetings, effectiveness in expressing their ideas and opinions. They’ve changed their reputations, earned more money, and advanced in leadership roles.


“My supervisor rated me very highly during my performance review. He cited the main reason as my impact during a leadership team meeting that you helped me to prepare for. My skills hadn’t changed at all but I utilized the how to be convincing speaking model you outlined. Because of that, he changed his opinion of me. I am continuing to use each of the tools and I’m really grateful.” A.I.S. 18 years in Product & Development, Kao


Colleges & Universities:

Would you as a student stand out from the crowd if…

  • you exude confidence – naturally?
  • your speaking skills create results and command attention? (works for both introverts and extroverts)
  • you exhibit leadership qualities?

Would the pride and reputation of your College/University increase if…

  • your women graduates were employed quickly after graduation?
  • your women graduates entered the workforce with higher salaries?
  • the number of Alumni Women in leadership roles increased each year?


From No Reaction to Unanimous Support
A Director had introduced the same solution to a problem repeatedly. Her idea was never addressed or acknowledged. After we discovered she was only using 1 of the 3 essential elements to be convincing, she was able to revise her presentation using all 3 elements. They loved the idea, rallied around her and implemented it right away.

From Public Speaking Fail to Leadership
A Development Manager had performance anxiety during high stakes meetings and presentations. Together, we uncovered the source of her voice and how to stop the nerves. Her superiors noticed a big change and she advanced into a Leadership Role one full year ahead of schedule.

From Mis-Understood to Respected
A Senior Vice President would only speak at meetings if she had something very worthwhile to say. People would act as if she derailed the meeting. After we discovered that she was not presenting the mini steps to her big picture point of view, things went much smoother and she gained respect.



Organizers & Event Planners:

This is my mission and my passion. I make sure that your audience will leave inspired and fully supported with easy to assimilate how-to’s that will create lasting change. Keynotes are motivating! Breakouts, Workshops & Retreats are experiential.

Not a college or university? Contact Diane so she can learn more about speaking to your group.

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Course Details:

“Diane helps women leaders find their inner voice.”


Thank you Diane for presenting at the
Bay Area Legal Recruiters Association Conference.

In an era where challenges such and gender gap, whether it is in title, salary or in any other form still exists. It is great to have someone to remind women that we can be successful leaders.

Along with your personal experiences you presented extremely powerful knowledge and tools to help us grow as individuals. Everyone enjoyed your presentation and that showed during the interaction portion of your session.

We hope to work with you again in the new future.

~ RAZIA B. AHMAD Sr. Recruiting Coordinator

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