Look and Sound Great on Video

How to Look & Sound Great on your YouTube Video Infomercial


I want to thank my dear friends, Emile, Lee Anne & Diane for taking this workshop and allowing me to record it. You’ll love their charisma,  stories and insights!

Emilie Cortes – Speaker & President of Call of the Wild Women’s Adventure Travel


Lee Anne Hellesto – Nurse Practitioner Integrative Medicine


Diane Kulpinski – Photographer Hall of Fame Photo


Listen to audio here. 

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Audio Outline:

Exuding Confidence Naturally

  • Know your role
  • Practice
  • Physical Release
  • Mindset
  • Putting all the pieces together

Connecting to the listener

  • Know your audience & speak their language – Avatar
  • Open body language
  • Eyes/Camera Angle
  • Act as if addressing one person that you already have a strong connection with

What to say and how to say it

  • Headline/Elevator Speech
  • Establish credibility & Connect with Pain/Gain bullet points
  • Offer advice, info, or call to action
  • Close with benefits or summary of Pain/Gain points
  • Call to Action

Youtube Tips

  • Keywords: title & description
  • URL: title & description
  • Description: SEO
  • Written description with keywords
  • Links to site, social media, contact
  • Links to your own related material
  • Tags: keywords
  • Embed – turn off related videos
  • Transcription

If you really liked the material and Diane’s style, you may want to learn about her other products and services!