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Are you in need of a professional video to present yourself & your business?

Making your own professional video can be overwhelming. What will you say? How will you say it? Will you look good? Sound good? Will you connect with the listener and come across with natural confidence?

Do you have the technical know how? Are you willing to learn everything there is to know about sound, lighting, & editing? How much time do you have to devote to this project? Are you willing to pay for the equipment necessary?

In this day and age – yes – you could do it all. From content development to delivery and from lighting to sound, anybody with a do-it-yourself attitude could tackle this project!

So we ask “How’s that going for you?” 

What if in 1 week this monkey could be completely off your back? Not only would the project be done, but the video would far exceed anything you would make yourself.
Forget becoming an expert videographer. Be the expert in your own field. Let that expertise shine and reach out to your audience with this video. 


Diane Allen, Speaking Coach of Eloquent Expression LLC & Warren Shultz, Creative Director of Stonebridge Media have teamed up to make certain that you look and sound great on your video.

By combining their collective expertise, by working with a group, and by scheduling the workshop as an intensive, the benefits skyrocket.
• Save time – get the project done in 1 week
• Drastic cost savings by sharing the cost with other participants
• Group work will exponentially increase your results with content delivery
• Relax with support – you’re not at home alone trying to figure it all out
• Capture your listener’s attention with your content
• Overcome camera shyness
• Exude confidence naturally
• Record your video and enjoy the process
• Receive your professionally recorded video ready for your website
• After party – where we celebrate and view each other’s videos


If you pieced this together by yourself and hired

Diane to coach you first and then hired Warren to film you second,

the total cost would be $2,450 value.

Group participation brings the pricing way down.

Limited to 10 – 18 participants.

Total costs for Diane & Warren combined are:
$797  1 – 5 minute video
$997  6 – 10 minute video
$100 for each graphic you add
Choice of white or black background

Could your business experience greater success with a video? Does the  process of making your own professional presentation seem overwhelming?  Do you already feel the relief of having the video complete and reaching your audience with your message just from reading this?

Remember, making the video by yourself means that you have to be 3 experts: videographer and a professional public speaker in addition to the expert you are in your business. You may think that by doing it yourself you are saving money. Yes, however you are sacrificing quality and time.
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Epikos Church and Community Center
222 Reed Market Road Suite 100, Bend, OR

We look forward to putting your best face forward! Look and sound great on your video and have the project done with one week of your time for a greatly reduced cost! Does it get any better than that?

Questions for Diane: [email protected]

Questions for Warren: [email protected]

Diane & Warren

PS We can only serve 10 – 18 people. Grab your spot now!

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