Magnetize Your Message – It’s Time for You to Make a Difference!

It’s your moment to deliver your message and it means the world to you. You pause, look around the room, and welcome people with your eyes. You wait and listen for the room to grow still. In preparation, you’ve done everything possible to honor the presentation of this message. Your message feels like a surging wave inside you. As the wave builds up to a crest, you feel calm confidence combined with excitement. You inhale a full diaphragmatic breath. It’s time to make a difference!

What’s magnetic before you’ve uttered a word?

  • You emit a vibe that shows how meaningful this message is.
  • You connect to people with your eyes.
  • Your willingness to wait for people to quiet themselves will create a backdrop of silence that speaks volumes. You command the room.
  • Because you honored your presentation with stellar preparation, you present your message in the best way possible.
  • Waiting for the surge to build up inside you not only helps you to speak with magnetism, but creates anticipation for the audience.
  • Excitement without calm confidence is hype. Calm Confidence combined with excitement is deeply grounded and builds trust in you. Calm confidence is a strong undercurrent of being magnetic.
  • Speaking on a full diaphragmatic breath means your sound will carry and the tone of your voice will be deeper.

You deliver your opening hook. Pause, and then delve in. You enjoy being in the driver’s seat, guiding the listener through the twists, turns, highs and lows. The audience response ranges from blank stares to laughter, and you are grateful for it all. Your well-rehearsed delivery, heightened by your energy gives you great freedom. Freedom comes from knowing you’ve got this in your bones. This sureness also gives you the freedom of spontaneity. You find yourself adding things you’ve never thought of before that elevate the entire message.

  • Your opening hook is an enticing summary of your message and acts as a magnet for both your content creation and the listener’s ears.
  • Pause – let people have a chance to reflect on what you just said.
  • Take them on a ride.
  • Blank stares – the thing that freaks everyone out is actually a sign ofcomplete, undivided attention. Laughter… one of the hardest things to bring out in an audience!
  • Preparation = Freedom
  • Preparation allows you to be open and present to the situation were you findfreedom in spontaneity.

What’s about to be magnetic?

  • With inspiration and crystal clarity, you tell people exactly what to do.
  • Earlier, when you were developing your content, your call to action was chosen first and is what determined what you would ultimately say throughout.
  • Use that cresting wave energy to deliver your call to action.
  • You created memorable catch phrases that stick and concepts that transformed.
  • You set yourself up for a personal best.

You take the last turn. It’s time to unveil exactly what you want people to do with the message. You ride the final cresting wave and deliver the call to action.

Afterwards, the room fills with chatter. Some talking to their neighbor and some run right up to you. They re-iterate your exact words right back at you. You smile inside knowing that if they can re-iterate your words, they were indelible. People are sparked with enthusiasm and are already implementing your call to action.

You’ve always dreamed of the satisfaction of a personal best, but you never could have dreamed the outcome. Not only is your message making a difference, not only have you inspired others to make your message a reality, but you inspired yourself. You never really understood before what you were capable of. Achieving a personal best has inspired you to think and act even bigger than before.


Diane Allen’s experiences as both a concert violinist and a speaker has put her on the stage over 1,000 times.

Her intimate knowledge of peak performance and how to deliver a message with high response rates, help people to develop their leadership presence.




While Diane’s speaking coach clients have been main stage speakers at TEDxBend and the Bend Venture Conference, they’ve also been main stage speakers in the interview room and the meeting room.


Contact Diane if you’d like to learn more about magnetizing your message and delivering a personal best. [email protected]

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