Nail Your Presentation!


Yesterday, at my Toastmasters club, a gentleman gave a speech and completely nailed his presentation. He was confident. He was animated. He was passionate. I had never seen this speaker present with such ease and enjoyment before. He was having a blast!

What happened?

He proudly held up the script where he had written down his notes for his speech and showed us 17 tally marks, the number of times that he had practiced his speech!

He had the excitement of a kid! He had followed my advice and actually practiced his speech more than 15 times. He reaped the rewards of repetition.

In my world, 15 is a minimum number of times to repeat anything that you’ll be presenting in public.

During the first five repetitions you can brain your way through anything!

During the second set of five repetitions your brain relaxes and your body takes over. Usually this is when mistakes occur. This is also when people freak out. They think they’re over practicing or jinxing it.

But if you continue on to the third set of repetitions, this is where integration and internalization just start to happen.

Many people are worried that excess amounts of repetition will make their speaking sound canned. I’m not saying to repeat exactly the same way 15 times in a row! Be in the action of practice for 15 times and let the speech morph and change as you continue to hone and perfect it.

Now… Go practice! Nail your presentation!

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