No More Band-Aids!!!

bandaidI’m usually not a ranter – but today…

If I hear one more Band-Aid style fix to the nervousness that people get before or during public speaking, not only am I going to SCREAM but I’m going to be over the top ready to put on my super hero cape to right this incredible wrong.

“Just take the nervous energy and turn it into the excitement you need to be energized on stage!” Nice idea but TOTAL Band-Aid. Here’s why:

Yes – this technique works in 2 ways. It will give you energy. It will also help the nerves to dissipate much more quickly.

Here’s what’s wrong with it. You will begin your speaking with high energy and the longer you speak the less energy you will have because the energy source, your nerves, is dissipating. You can easily go from hyper to flat in the course of your speaking.

Where do you find that organic deep well of energy? The seed of your passion is the source of your power. When you immerse yourself in that part of you that keeps you passionate you will not only deliver with high energy but it will be heartfelt and passionate. Natural energy instead of transferred frenetic energy.

If you are looking for support with public speaking just know I’m here to support you. Super hero cape and all!

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