Off Kilter

out of balanceSigns that you are not grounded in what matters to you most:

At an audition to be a substitute with an orchestra, not even a regular player, I was escorted to the warm up room. It was a large open room, tall ceiling, white walls, white tile floor, and white fluorescent lights. There were about 30 other people warming up in a cacophony of sound. I went about my business of getting ready but was distracted. When my name was called to go play the audition, I walked into another large open room, same ceiling, walls, floor, and lights. Instead of a cacophony of sound, it was silent. There were 15 people sitting in chairs in a line against one wall and none of them spoke. With all those eyes looking at me I approached the lonely music stand in the middle of the room, played the opening of my concerto and as the line of music climbed higher and higher, I extended the pattern of music much higher than the composer had written. Within seconds of starting, I had blown my opportunity of being considered. I vowed to figure out a way for that to never happen again.

Have you ever been derailed by outside circumstances? Did you let them distract you to the point of not being able to function?

What is the solution? The quickest way to go from being off kilter to being grounded is to know why you put yourself in front of an audience. Most people who are on the spot are doing something work related like interviewing, presenting, attending meetings etc. So the typical answer is “I’m in front of an audience because I have to for work.” Your “soul” reason is your “sole” reason to be in front of an audience. My personal “soul” reason to play violin or speak in front of others is to “share”. When I’m sharing I’m immediately pulled into my passion and function at my best. At this audition, I let the weird surroundings distract me and I never got into my “soul” reason to be there.

The quest for being in my Peak Zone was a long, arduous, but fascinating path. Now that I have a reliable system that serves me in a wide variety of situations, and the worry of potential embarrassment is gone, I have turned to sharing this knowledge and wisdom with people like you.

Does looking at the Inner Game of being in front of an audience interest or fascinate you?

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