Pitching Your Business With Passion & Prowess

Pitch Assessment

Do you know how to pitch and capture popular interest?

Do you know how to pitch and build Investor trust?

Who are you relying on to deliver the pitch that can change the entire future of your busines?


I know how it feels to have to learn yet another thing to make your business success a reality. Learning the art of building trust with public presentations is a study in itself! Speaking under intense pressure is downright uncomfortable. Feeling like an alien as you present is not the impression you want to give.


You deliver your pitch. You are excited yet have deep inner calm. Your audience is captivated. Your content and slides are crystal clear. Your business model speaks for itself and your passion is contagious. You rock the Q. & A. You walk off with the feeling of a slam dunk. You’ve left no stone un-turned!


Are you ready to commit to rocking your pitch so you can get on with making money making a difference?


Take the first step and get an assessment of your pitch.

Here’s what you’ll get when you send in a video of your pitch:

Pitch Assessment + 30 Minute Consultation

(See sample below.)

This is for you if:

Your business success relies on your pitch.

This is also for you if:

You are concerned about being nervous.

Diane Allen

Who am I to assess your pitch?

  • People I’ve coached in the last 2 years have received investor funding including Bend Venture Conference finalists: $15,000 – $400,000. 
  • I’m an award winning speaker & have trained with World Championship of Public Speaking 2012 Winner Ryan Avery, Vocal Women, Thrive Academy & Toastmasters International.
  • As a former concert violinist, I designed a system to keep cool under intense pressure and perform in a peak state backed by passion.
  • I’m a straight talker and you will receive ZERO B.S.




Thank you so much Diane for preparing me to answer the Q. & A. at the Bend Venture Conference. Everyone told me I did great. I don’t think I could have been so confident going into that without the work I did with you. The world is my oyster! Angela P.


I went from an incredibly embarrassing public speaking fail in front of an audience of 100 to 100% conversion rates pitching to bankers and investors. Diane turned me around in 10 short hours! Maggie K.



High end pitch coaches charge $4,000 per day. My rates are $250 per hour because I want to make my work both accessible and affordable to everyone who wants to rock their pitches.

However, I feel so passionate about my work in supporting people who are sticking their necks out their to make money making a difference, I want to match your commitment.

I’m going to deliver Pitch Assessments for only $97. 

After payment, you will be directed to a link to schedule your consultation.

Select Pitch Assessment to schedule. Send videos to [email protected]


To research and assess your own pitch, you could spend a week and still not get the information or course correction that I can give you with an assessment.

I have over 43 years of stage time experience, over 28 years in teaching, and I’ve been in front of audiences as large as 1200. I’ve trained with world class speakers on the art of connection and sales.

Would you like my eyes and ears on your pitch?

Sample Assessment

Ratings on a scale of 1-10 (10 being best).

Is your opening hook captivating? 3
Is the solution to the problem your business solves clear? 6
How strong is the unique factor? 0
How clear is your business model? 3
Is the investment request compelling? 0
How well is your Team positioned? 0
Is your call to action clear and inviting? 0
Does the slide deck add or detract from the presentation? 5

Are you likable? 7
Are you exuding confidence? 5
Do you engage the listener? 3
How strongly does the audience feel your passion? 2

Sample 30 Minute Phone Consultation

(If we were to have had a phone consultation, these are the points I would have talked about.)

  • Wow! You’re brave to tackle such a huge problem! What a service you are providing for people who feel taken advantage of by “the system”.
  • Your easy going manner at first exuded confidence. However, the investor mid-way got into the driver’s seat of your presentation. You lost the “power of the podium” once he started in on questions. Your nerves leaked out when answering the questions. The speed of your speaking greatly increased and you jumped in and spoke over the investor instead of waiting for him to conclude. There was also a long answer that didn’t apply to the investor’s question that he had to ask you again to get the answer. Best way to answer a question is to pause, re-phrase the question to make sure you are on the same page (and give yourself time to collect your thoughts), then answer in a structured format. We think quite a bit faster than we speak. When you try and speak as fast as you think, you lose connection with the listener and come across as “saving face”. Calm, composed, relaxed pace of speaking with pauses is the ticket!
  • The investor asked the questions that you should have had in your presentation. The zeros above represent the lack of content in these areas.
  • Your personal story took up too much time and lost interest. The biggest mistake people make is telling their stories in chronological order. Go straight to the problem without the pre-amble. Include frustrations and emotions and then follow immediately with the solution and emotions. The solution was diluted by not following directly after the problem story.
  • How you position your status is important. A general “speaker’s” rule is to dress the same as the audience but 2 steps more dressed up. So if the audience had jeans and T-shirts, you would wear brand new jeans that were ironed, killer shoes, and a shirt with perhaps a tie. So in the case of this video, a super nice suit with a tie. Your status lowered when the speed talking started as mentioned before. The tone of your voice when you said “last 5 months of our lives” dis-empowered you instead of lifting you. There was no slide or mention of your team which helps to substantiate your work.
  • Action Steps: Develop an attention getting succinct opening that is immediately followed by your solution. Passionately deliver a crystal clear business model that leaves little room to question.  Make sure to include how you make money and where you get customers. Highlight what is unique with head turning “wow” factor. Deliver your investment request and call to action with confidence back by power. Include slides for the items listed with a zero. Look into bolder colors for slides. Drastically increase the listener engagement with passion that comes from a deep place of service (and not just your own story of frustration).
  • If I could save you time and dramatically increase your impact, is that something you’d like to explore further?