Presentation Skills for Women



Do you ever feel like this gal? Happy to be where you are yet unsure of how to handle yourself? How do you use a microphone? How do you talk to a group differently than one-on-one? How do you present the confidence you feel inside when your body seems to want to undermine you with quivering, forgetfulness, or clumsiness?

A little stage “know-how” can go a long way! Since “acting” confident will undermine your credibility, learning how to tap into your natural confidence and speak from your own authentic power is important.

Presentation skills for women include:

  • Knowing the seed of your confidence and planting that seed in all the different landscapes of your life.
  • Harnessing the power of your own self talk.
  • Using intuition to connect with the audience
  • Speaking with succinct clarity.

Identifying the seed of your confidence becomes your anchor to tapping into your own genuine confidence.

You will never be able to turn off the self talk! Therefore it is best to work with it and not against it. There are powerful yet quick techniques that can turn your own self talk into self empowerment.

A woman’s sense of intuition is one of the greatest assets when it comes to connecting with the audience. Be open, let your intuition flow and enjoy the camaraderie you establish with audience members.

Succinct speaking is something we can all improve on. For the listener they receive the information more powerfully and you appear with even more credibility.

Yes – it is time for women to step into their power. A woman who hones her presentation skills will find greater ease in stepping into her power. A woman who hones her presentation skills will reap more results!

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