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Whether you are speaking to one or one thousand, author Diane Allen shares her winning strategies for confident speaking in front of an audience. The roots of her infallible system stem from her experiences as a violin student in the heart of New York City, where the atmosphere was, and continues to be, extremely competitive.

The path to success in speaking up without freaking out is clearly outlined with results oriented steps in her book Exude Confidence Naturally When Speaking In Public – Tips from a New York City Trained Violinist.

This is no public speaking textbook or art of public speaking doctrine. Diane Allen was compelled to write the book to address what it takes to “be” confident and not “act” confident. Most fear of public speaking programs miss the mark when it comes to authentic, genuine confidence. Consider this book a public speaking handbook for those who have mild to extreme fear of public speaking.

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Take the “ick” out of being “convincing” and feel comfortable doing it.

Learn the key elements necessary to be convincing.

Find out exactly why you haven’t been convincing and what you need to change.