Professional Women: Are You Respected and Valued? What to do…

Have you ever felt that colleagues and upper management don’t really know the quality and quantity of work that you do?

If yes, you’ll know that it’s difficult to gain their respect and be valued.

What’s a conscientious hard working woman to do?

Many people have gained traction by speaking up. But there are a few things you should know before you speak in order to create the best impact.

I love the saying “seeds well planted”. First you gather the seeds. Then you plant them in the most fertile ground.

What are your “seeds”? Your seeds are all the unnoticed tasks, accomplishments, and solutions you’ve achieved.

Where do you plant them? Into the fabric of daily conversations making sure to only include relevant content to the conversation.

For example, your boss asks you to research x, y, and z. It reminds you of a highly successful research project you did last year. Naturally slip into the context of the conversation, “That reminds me of when I researched a, b, c. It only took me 3 days to collect the data that ended up quickly solving the problem and saving us x dollars.” Then go about your business. In other words, plant the seed and trust that it will grow.

Here’s an example of a woman who recently worked with me to change how her boss thought of her. When her boss was hired, she spent a lot of time getting him up to speed. He got into the habit of constantly interrupting her work to have her help him. He wasn’t aware of the work she had done before which also happened to be more fulfilling. Bit by bit, she began dropping “seeds”. Instead of jumping to help him, she would explain, “I’m currently doing _____ to prepare for _____.” Another time she had the opportunity to say, “Before you came on board, I focused on _____ which created more ROI.” By letting him know the context of her work, he was able to see her in a different light and she felt more in control and not so prone to his impulsive requests. In essence, she gained respect.

If you’re looking to have people value and respect you, the best long term solution is to:

  • Be diligent! Consistently speak about the quality and quantity of work that you do. If you don’t, people will never know and you’ll have trouble gaining respect.
  • Make sure your seeds are planted in an authentic, genuine manner. If they don’t fit the context of the conversation, it’ll come across as odd or bragging.

Now that you know how to share the quality and quantity of work that you do in a natural way, you’re ready to watch the show! Watch how people change how they think of you before your very eyes. It may take a day, a month, or 3 months. One thing I know for certain, it always works.

Gain the respect you deserve and be valued!

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