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Professional Public Speaking Course - for Busy People

mymicDo you feel like yourself when you are speaking for meetings or presentations? Do you look okay? How do you sound?

Most people want to feel normal, do their best, look and sound great!

When you can be in the spotlight and be fully present, you’ll not only feel in command of yourself, but people will receive the vibe they need from you. When people can sense your authenticity, confidence and passion, they feel trust.

If you would like to uplevel your presentation skills and increase your outcomes, this is an opportunity for you to overcome a gnawing problem and do it in a short period of time.

You will get stage time experience in a private, safe, and confidential environment. Come and get your ya ya’s out here first. Then go ROCK on the stages of your life!




Topics covered:

How to Feel like Yourself and BE Confident: How to “Get into It” and be Magnetic

How to Look Great: How Body Language and Stage Use Amplifies your Message

How to Sound Great: How to Sound Confident yet Approachable and How to use a Microphone


  • Get stage time in front of an audience designed to increase your comfort level
  • Get genuine feedback with specific easy to implement how-to fixes
  • Gain skills and practice for speaking off the cuff


Most people are confident but can lose some or all confidence in front of groups. It’s frustrating when you know your stuff but then falter in the heat of the moment.

We are going to take a substantial edge off of the discomforts of being overly self-conscious so that you can be present and enjoy being in front of groups.


Learn professional speaking techniques, practice, overcome nerves and get genuine feedback. Fast track gaining comfort and command. When you exude confidence, you are giving people permission to have confidence in you and you can be more influential.

Professional Public Speaking Course for Busy People was a request! People were craving genuine feedback about how they come across. Although their feedback is usually a pat on the shoulder accompanied with “good job”, that’s just not enough. People want to feel free and uninhibited when all eyes are on them. This course is the equivalent of finding out if you’ve got spinach in your teeth and if you do, which tooth it’s on and how to clean it off.

Who is this for?

  • People with mild to extreme reactions in front of groups or high stakes events.
  • Introverts, Ambiverts & Extroverts
  • If you’ve mastered the art of avoidance and it’s impacting your advancement.
  • Pitching to investors.
  • Teaching classes or workshops.
  • Sponsorship speaking.
  • Emcee of events and making introductions in front of groups.
  • Video
  • Conference speaking.
  • ???

I was a member of a high end mastermind group for professional speakers in Portland. We would speak for each other and give each other feedback.

The first time I went, a very dynamic gentleman was a phenomenal speaker. As I was watching him, in the back of my mind I was thinking “I don’t like him” but I didn’t know why I was thinking this.

When it was time for feedback, person after person said in a genuine, supportive manner “You are not coming across as likable because….” What? I wasn’t the only person that felt dislike? Even more surprising, they knew how to analyze the problem and fix it!!! (FYI – His body language was negating his words…)

What really blew me away was how he went from NOT being likable, to actually being LOVABLE using the feedback!


If I could share with you some of the same speaking practices that I learned from my participation in this high end mastermind group, and help you to hone your leadership presence in a short period of time, it would be my honor!

Smiles! Diane




Friday, February 3rd & 10th,  2017

2:00 – 4:00 pm

Location TBA


Mail check to: Diane Allen 1685 NW Galveston Ave. Bend, OR 97703




Diane Allen

Diane Allen

I became a Speaker for the same reason I became a Violinist: I am passionate about self expression and empowering people to communicate with impact.

In my 15 years as a Concertmaster, 30 years as an educator, 6 years as a professional speaker, I have been immersed in the art of influential leadership.

As a Public Speaking Coach for the people who are faced with occasional speeches and meeting culture, TEDxBend 2016, the Bend Venture Conference 2014-15, I have been immersed in the art of stellar communication.

We all face overcoming inhibitions, expressing ourselves in an effective way, and in developing our own leadership style.

We don’t get to choose how people ultimately react to us, but we can do our part to connect, speak with authenticity, and exude confidence.


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