Public Speaking: Gain Trust


I enthusiastically walked out on stage and made an announcement about an upcoming course that I would be teaching and encouraged the audience to enroll in it. I walked off the stage with my tail between my legs feeling really foolish!

I learned the hard way, that you must gain trust before you make a public request! You’ll find out how I could have gained trust in the video below!

Here is another crucial step to gaining the trust of an audience.


That simple act alone, sets up the audience to honor you. Write out an introduction that toots your horn and have someone whom the audience already knows and respects simply read it on your behalf!

Now – go out there and gain trust today! Combine this tip with the one in the video for really dialing in that trust!

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  1. So great! I think sharing your story gets your audience to connect with you on many levels. Would love to hear you say more about that!

    • There are many ways to craft a story that keeps the audience’s interest. One of the best tips I’ve ever received is to take the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. The highs followed by the lows and back up to the highs again!

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