Public Speaking: Keeping Your Cool…

shaking stage fright


If you’ve got a slight quiver in your hands while you’re speaking in front of an audience, or at a high stakes meeting, it can be embarrassing but it really is okay.

If you’re a violinist??? You lose command over your skill! It can completely derail your performance or any chance to win an audition. ASK ME HOW I KNOW…

Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony

Concertmaster of the Central Oregon Symphony

Because I learned the long, hard way – how to keep your cool when you most need to shine – I have turned what once used to be a stressful situation that felt like sabotage, into one where I can reliably set myself up to duplicate having a peak experience each time.

The violin world was my testing grounds and I had numerous performance fails before I figured out how to flourish under pressure. However, in the public speaking world, I have applied everything I learned through the violin and am now enjoying stress free, worry free speaking engagements.

This video is a quick overview of the steps I’ve discovered that keep me cool when I most need to shine. Glean what you can from this snapshot view and apply it to your world so you too can let the world see how resourceful and credible you are!

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