Speaking & Performance Assessment Quiz

Are you floundering or flourishing when it’s time to speak in front of one or many? If you are looking to expand your effectiveness, consider the importance of exuding confidence naturally, connecting with others, clearly communicating and making an impact.

What is Speaking & Performance?

Speaking & Performance is the win-win process of ENGAGING LISTENERS with your message at the same time establishing yourself as a TRUSTED AUTHORITY. As you speak, you enjoy a deep sense of CALM and inner CONTROL.

If you would like to be both at ease and focused when you most need to shine, then please take the Speaking & Performance Assessment Quiz you see below. This assessment takes just 4 minutes out of your week, but what you’ll discover from the “Report of Findings” could impact your personal results for a lifetime!

KEY POINT: Depending on your score, you may also be eligible for a complimentary Action Steps to Increase Your Speaking Confidence and Increase Your Results Session that will provide you with insights that reveal:

  1. Where your speaking & performance is strong and how you can leverage those strengths.
  2. Where in your speaking & performance you need to ramp up your skills.
  3. What specific action steps you can take to exude confidence naturally, connect with the listener, clearly communicate to create an impact with ease.


0 = Not at all. 4 = Not very. 7 = Pretty Good. 10 = Great!

How calm and composed are you before and during a high-stakes one-on-one meeting?

How calm and composed are you when you speak in front of 5 – 20 people?

How calm and composed are you when you speak in front of 100 or more people?

Are you in complete control of your body? (No symptoms such as urination, nausea, shaking.)

How focused is your mind?


0 = No. 4 = Sometimes. 7 = Mostly. 10 = Yes!

Are people quiet and listen to you attentively?

Is your opinion always respected?

Do you rarely have mis-communications?

Do you mostly achieve a favorable result?

Do you mostly feel great about yourself afterwards?