Ripen Your Reputation – Advice for Professional Women

(How can a green tomato help you change your reputation?)


Do you feel stuck with a reputation that does not match your expertise? Does it seem insurmountable to overcome? Are you wondering how to get into the driver’s seat of changing your reputation?

I changed my reputation 2 different times and it felt a lot like herding cats. However, my outcomes far exceeded my expectations. It was well worth my effort.

You can establish your credibility by dropping positioning statements into casual conversation. Ex: Senior Manager: “I’ll need this complete in 6 weeks.” You: “Great! The last time you gave me 6 weeks to complete something, it only took me 3!” Be relentless in your thought about dropping positioning statements but make them sound as casual as possible. Over time they will build you up.

The BIGGEST mistake people make is leaving this out! When I work with people 1-on-1, I help them crank out loads of positioning statements and role play with them so they can get comfortable dropping them into casual conversation.

Always be building a case. State your opinion. Back it up with proof that leads up to a logical conclusion. Use concise forms to elevate the level of your speaking. Ex: Intro, 3 points, Conclusion.

ALERT: Walk people along the journey of your thoughts. Don’t just drop the destination. Speak with poise.

Connect on a deeper level by including a story that backs up the point you are trying to make. Make sure to include the problem being solved, how people felt about it and the outcome benefits. Stories humanize all of us. People will relate to you better when you connect.

If you really want to add Zing and turn some heads – use all 3 of these points back to back. Establish your credibility, build a case, and connect all in one fell swoop!

Back to being relentless, if you ALWAYS speak this way, your reputation will take shape magically and organically.

Here’s an example using the problem of having too many green tomatoes at the end of the season. (Silly, topic but you’ll get the drift!):

Positioning statement: After 3 months of immersion where I got to put myresearch and development skills to great use researching recipes for green tomatoes,

Introduction – Opinion: I have come to the conclusion that it’s better to ripen the tomatoes instead using the green tomatoes.

3 Points building a case: First, after trying many recipes, 98% of people just don’t like the taste of green tomatoes. Second, you can store green tomatoes wrapped in newspaper in a cool dark place like your basement and they will ripen. Third, you’ll extend your tomato harvest sometimes up until January by letting them ripen.

Conclusion: I highly recommend that you don’t bother with your green tomatoes and let them ripen.

Connection: I’ve always been in love with my Grandmother’s homemade tomato sauce. It’s the best comfort food in the middle of  winter. When I told her that I had researched green tomato recipes, she told me that she never bothered with them. She would go to the pet store, get shallow cat food boxes, put her green tomatoes into the boxes and stack the boxes letting no light in. Late December, she would put all the tomatoes into a giant soup pot and make her famous sauce. You know, the ones that only Grandmas can make.

My next research project may be to compare tomato sauce made from summer ripened vs. late fall/early winter ripened tomatoes.

The chances of changing your reputation from reading this is slim. Until you DO SOMETHING about how others see your value, you’ll remain where you are. It takes diligence & commitment to speak in this way.

That’s why I put together a women’s Change Your Reputation in 4 Weeks program. It’s designed for swift action and positive change to occur before the holidays hit.

You can learn more about it here.

If you are a guy and would like 1-on-1 support, let’s talk! Go here. Select Action Steps…

I don’t want you to feel stuck or frustrated. Your expertise is too valuable. If you would like to get into the driver’s seat of your reputation, it would be my honor to support you.

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