Standing in Your Power – Another Layer



I am talking to you today from my couch looking out the windows at the birds. Yes – I did say talking. After weeks of frustration with my own performance, I have finally realized that sitting at the computer has been wreaking havoc on my creative mind and the enjoyment level of my daily life. So I’m trying out an app called Dragon Dictation. It was recommended to me by a speaking coach.

Today’s blog post is something that I myself just got busted on. Tooting your own horn. I was practicing a speech on peak performance for my local Toastmasters club. If you’re going to give a speech on peak performance you need to tell people why you are qualified to give a speech on peak performance!

According to the feedback I received I wimped out when it was time for me to toot my own horn. I alluded to my violin career but what they wanted were specifics. Where did I study? Who did I train with? What jobs have I held and what were the names of the positions?

I had set myself up beautifully, but I failed to deliver the specifics that would establish my credibility. Lesson learned! There are so many layers to standing in your power. In this case standing in your power means specific detail about your accomplishments.

Here are a few ways you can establish your credibility:
How many years have you worked or studied in this field?
How many hours of training?
What awards have you received?
What out standing things have you done outside of your profession?
What are your uniquenesses?
What are your educational achievements?

This is what I used to say before today:
I played the violin for 43 years. I have over 28 years of experience as a teacher and a coach. During those 28 years I have over 20,000 hours of teaching logged.

What I was asked for today was to include:
I have both a Bachelor and Masters Degrees in violin performance. I studied at Peabody Conservatory – Johns Hopkins University, Manhattan school of music, and the University of Akron. I have trained with people who are members of the Cleveland Orchestra and the New York Philharmonic. For 15 years I held the coveted lead violin position of concertmaster for the Central Oregon Symphony. As a speaker I have trained with Toastmasters International as well as individual speaking coaches.

Seeing this printed here now I fully realize how important it is to stand in your power and establish your credibility to its full glory!

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