Startup Founders: Get Your Story Straight!



Stories are one of the quickest ways to make a point and inform. However, unless you really get clear on which story to tell and the purpose of telling that story, your story will quickly create confusion.

Using stories with clarity and intention will greatly enhance your ability to enroll people into purchasing from you or investing in you.

Let’s Get Your Story Straight!

Imagine this:

You’ve created a product that greatly increases a Doctor’s effectiveness. Patients benefit as well. This product is meant to be used in Hospitals. The cost of the product saves the Hospital substantial amounts of money while increasing Hospital Ratings. The idea came to you as a result of a personal experience you had.

Based on this snapshot, you should have these stories:

  1. A story that demonstrates the Doctor’s increased effectiveness.
  2. A story on how a Patient has benefitted.
  3. A story that demonstrates how this product saves Hospitals money.
  4. A story that demonstrates how Hospital Ratings increase.
  5. Your personal story and how you came up with the idea.

I know that you’re with me so far. But I just have to say, I wouldn’t be writing this if it wasn’t one of the biggest problems I help people with.

When you are NOT crystal clear, You and your Product will present a risk to potential Investors and Customers. Your credibility is at stake. Stories have the potential to create crystal clarity and build trust or muddy the waters big time.

Pop Quiz:

You are pitching for funding. Which story/stories do you use?

You are pitching for customers. Which story/stories do you use?

A hospital is creating a brochure to inform patients. Which story/stories do you use?

You have the opportunity to speak to a mixed audience to get your product widespread exposure. Which story/stories do you use?

Submit your answers below and discuss why.

It pains us all when a great idea falls by the wayside due to lack of presentation skills…

Get Your Story Straight!

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