T-Rex – So Attractive…



I was excited to deliver a speech for a high end mastermind group that I’m in. The feedback from this group is just like holding a mirror up to yourself!

“You are T-Rexing” was one of the first comments that I received. T-Rexing??? (You mean you don’t know what T-Rexing is either?) I was bending my arms at the elbows and hanging my hands. You guessed it, I looked like a T-Rex.

So why is that a problem? T-Rexing kept my hand gestures small. Basically my elbows were glued to my sides. The over all effect is smallness which did not match the message I was sharing. T-Rexing did not enhance my words.

Enjoy this video training about body language! Don’t worry, I’m not talking about scripting your body movement like an actor would. Just some awareness of do’s and don’ts.

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  1. Thank you for the tips, very helpful.

    • Thanks Laura – I appreciate that you are conscientious about how you come across to others!

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