Take Things for Granted and Get Bit in the Butt

DoubleFacepalmI had carefully prepared a 20 minute presentation for a specific event. I “thought” I had a clear idea of the event because it was within an organization I’ve been a member of for many years.

As I was delivering the presentation I could feel that I was not connecting with the audience. Very soon afterwards I found out why. It was the wrong presentation for the people that were in the room.

Frustrating because, the day before, I had delivered the exact same presentation and had the audience deeply intrigued as well as laughing at all the “right” times.

I went back and looked at the email trail that was created with the Event Coordinator and myself. I discovered that in two of the emails, I had asked specifics about what kind of presentation to make. But I never found the answer. So what I delivered was a wild guess.

But here’s the biggie: I never asked who would be in the audience because I had a pre-conceived notion through my history with this organization!

Note to self: Never assume who will be in the audience. Be diligent and get the answers you need to create a presentation that is appropriate and connects with the audience.

Boy when you learn a lesson the hard way, it really makes a strong impression! Please, learn this lesson from me. Spare yourself the embarrassment that I recently endured!

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