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tedrugstageTED style talks have become the gold standard for authentically developing and delivering your message in a deeply connected and profound way. What I love most about them is how they combine storytelling with a strong call to action that creates change.

Although many seek the TED stage or a TEDx stage, many event planners are now requesting TED style talks. You may also want to develop your own talk for your own audiences.

Filling out TED applications can be a job in itself. People who have worked with me first find it easier to fill out applications instead of filling out applications, getting frustrated and then seeking help.

My goal is for you to make the biggest impact possible. Here’s some insight as to the process that I walk people through:

  • Get very clear on what your one idea worth sharing is.
  • Decide what you want people to do as a result of hearing you speak.
  • Create a way for your message to be memorable.
  • Collect supportive material: stories, emotions, statistics, images.
  • Learn how to talk “with” the audience not “at” the audience.
  • How to sound conversational.
  • Get your talk into your bones without sounding memorized or canned.
  • Deliver without inhibitions, speak with passion, and enjoy yourself.


In my experience, you’re never “ready” to get started on a TED style talk.

But when you commit to making it happen, you’ll embark on
one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Would you like to jump on the phone with me?

We’ll discuss where you are in the process,
where you’d like to be and the steps to getting there.

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AngelaHuclesIt was not only an extreme pleasure, but necessity to work with Diane in preparation for my TEDx speech.  As an individual who gives speeches regularly, this challenge was something unlike any other.  The way that Diane patiently worked with me, challenged me to reach further, and prepared me for what was unexpected, allowed me to step on stage with confidence and feel like I could walk away with a great accomplishment and success.  I could tell from the beginning that not only was she there to help me create and deliver something that I could be proud of, but she was totally invested in the process and went along the entire journey with me as well.  I can’t thank her enough!

Angela Hucles
President – Women’s Sports Foundation

EricPickersgillI can still remember the day I was invited to prepare for and deliver a TEDx talk. “What did I just get myself into?” I had very little speaking experience. When I was told that I would be working with a speaking coach, my anxiety grew even more. I thought I would be forced through some process of automation that would leave me belittled and divided from my true message. I could not have been more wrong…

When we first worked together, I thought, “wow, Diane spent a lot of time listening for being a speaking coach”. Her friendly inquisitiveness, energy, deep understanding of the world and human emotions are what make her so effective. She genuinely took the time to hear what my message was in it’s most raw form and then relayed back to me what it was that needed clarification for my audience. Together we connected the dots of my jumbled rhetoric, years of research and the particular history of my field. She helped me organize these thoughts in a way so that my talk became an energizing and engaging conversation with the audience.

Beyond my words, holistically, Diane helped me to understand my breathing, body, mental state, pace, and tone, so that I could maximize my connection with my audience. When I stepped on stage to deliver my first TEDx talk, my preparation with Diane, allowed me to speak from the center of my heart. The nerves instantly washed away from me and I have never felt more present or heard in my life. The audience reverberated this feeling right back to me. 

I couldn’t me more grateful.

Eric Pickersgill
Photographer known Worldwide for his Removed Series

MollyWinterMy talk was featured on Ted.com this morning! As I watched it again I was filled with appreciation for your help.  I could not have memorized that talk and gotten it to feel comfortable enough to have fun without your coaching. It was funny re-watching it to see that I was comfortable enough with the flow of the talk that I was able to throw in a few improvisational jokes and still stay on my route.

Molly Winter
Program Director – Recode

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