Tortoise: Intellectual Mind, Hare: Fear Mind

tortoise hare

Signs that your fear based mind has more control than your intellectual mind:

The room went silent and all heads turned in my direction. I got onto my hands and knees on the cold hard tile floor of the classroom and picked up the scattered pieces of my violin. Luckily nothing was broken! I reassembled the pieces and got my violin strung together and tuned up right in time for me to walk into my audition. I cared so much about winning the audition that I had worked myself up into a state of clumsiness. I powered through the audition anyways. I got into the orchestra, but because I didn’t show my best self, I got seated in the back, the way back… I vowed to figure out a way for that to never happen again.

Have you ever cared so much you became clumsy? Have nerves thwarted your best intentions? Do you power through uncomfortable situations? Are you being held back because you’re unable to show your best self?

What is the solution? When it comes to reacting to situations, the intellectual mind is the tortoise and the fear based mind is the hare! If I had prepared with physical releases such as relaxing the calf muscle and its tendons, I could have slowed down the hare – the fear mind – and kept the clumsiness at bay.

With regards to powering through despite the discomfort, I’m a big fan of imperfect action being better than no action. However, you have to be very careful. Frankly, there are some situations where you really only get one chance. Those are not the ones you want to power through. You want to prepare as best you can and show yourself in the best way possible. Besides, have you noticed that “powering through” is never fun? Did you know that it’s no fun for others to watch you “power through”?

My performance failures were heartbreaking but for some reason I always got back up and tried again. Now that I have a reliable system that serves me in a wide variety of situations, and the worry of potential embarrassment is gone, I have turned to sharing this knowledge and wisdom with people like you.

Does looking at the Inner Game of being in front of an audience interest or fascinate you?

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