Why Developing a TED Style Talk is on Your Bucket List and Steps to Checking this Item Off!

tedxbendliveYou’ve let your mind go “there”. You know…to seeing yourself standing on the red dot and passionately delivering your idea worth sharing. Red dot, or not, event planners are now requesting TED style talks. TED style talks have become the norm.

Why a TED style talk is on your bucket list (or why you need to add it).

  • You know in your bones you’ve got a unique point of view and/or a unique topic to share.
  • The idea of having your message amplified through massive visibility is a big part of fulfilling on your life’s purpose.
  • You’ve realized that TED, TEDx and TED styled events have made it possible for anyone’s voice to be heard…including yours.

Pretty simple. Why then is it so complicated to roll up your sleeves and develop your talk?

Here are some action steps to help you develop your talk and check it off your bucket list:

  • Get deeply in touch with your reason to create an impact. Your reason is  your power. Why you? Why your topic? How will the world suffer without your message? Spend time writing about this. Don’t ignore the embers of your dream. Stoke and fan them and create your fire of passion. Then keep this fire going no matter what it takes.
  • Face every single one of your fears. Fear of public speaking, rejection, success, failure, being vulnerable, lack of time etc. Make your passion bigger than the fear.
  • Which comes first? Developing your talk or having the speaking engagement date on your calendar? There is no right or wrong answer. Choose what works best for you. If you need the date in your calendar, then do what it takes to find an event to speak at. If you need to develop the talk first, then seek events, do it that way.
  • Know exactly what your one idea worth sharing is. This is much more complicated than you realize. Many times people think they have it narrowed down to one idea but it’s still three. Write a one sentence summary of your idea. If you can’t, you may have more than one idea.
  • Get feedback. Feedback is vital to find out if you are crystal clear. We are often too close to our topic. If your topic is completely foreign to someone else, do they connect the dots? That’s what feedback lets you know.
  • Connect with the audience. Look to the entire audience, but speak as if you are talking to one person. Put their emotions into words. What is the emotional journey from high point to low point and back again?
  • Include validation from outside sources. These are stats, studies, outcomes etc.
  • Call to action. What exactly do you want the audience to do as a result of what you uncovered for them. Give them a specific action. This is where the ripple effect occurs. Be very clear and make the action memorable and achievable.

Now that we’ve taken a spotlight to looking at this topic, it comes down to one question. Will you choose to dream or will you choose the journey?

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