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Creating Gender Equity

Closing the Confidence Gap

Be convincing, get into the driver’s seat of your reputation, develop leadership presence.

I show women how to dramatically change their effectiveness in conversations, meetings and presentations by using the same speaking skills that professional speakers use.

If you are looking to “lean in”, be heard in challenging environments, and gain respect, let’s talk!


Find your voice.Give voice to your ideas.Make a difference.Exude Confidence.Be Convincing.Gain Respect.Authenticity.Polished Professionalism.Results.Lead.When I read Sheryl Sandberg’s book Lean In to awaken women in closing the ambition gap, I felt strongly called to action. I had experienced the excitement of “women’s lib” and was shocked to discover that I had “leaned out”! My fire was rekindled.

When I read The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman and how they deeply examined the confidence gap and how it plays out with gender gap, I knew it was high time that I get into action!

As a trained public speaker who came from an extensive performing arts background as a violinist, I knew that leaning in would be a flop if women weren’t showing up confidently and if women didn’t know how to be convincing without having to act like a man.

It was time to put my 30 years as an educator to good use, lean back into my life, and do my part to advance women in society.

I coach women and train women’s groups in the workplace who are frustrated with gender gap issues. The women I work with learn to speak with deep felt natural confidence and learn how to be convincing. They change their reputations, are heard, and advance in leadership roles.

I turn “Where are the women leaders?”

into “Here are the women leaders!”

From No Reaction to Unanimous Support
A Director had introduced the same solution to a problem repeatedly. Her idea was never addressed or acknowledged. After we discovered she was only using 1 of the 3 essential elements to be convincing, she was able to revise her presentation using all 3 elements. They loved the idea, rallied around her and implemented it right away.

From Public Speaking Fail to Leadership
A Development Manager had performance anxiety during high stakes meetings and presentations. Together, we uncovered the source of her voice and how to stop the nerves. Her superiors noticed a big change and she advanced into a Leadership Role one full year ahead of schedule.

From Mis-Understood to Respected
A Senior Vice President would only speak at meetings if she had something very worthwhile to say. People would act as if she derailed the meeting. After we discovered that she was not presenting the mini steps to her big picture point of view, things went much smoother and she gained respect.


If I can help you develop leadership presence,
and close the confidence gap….it would be my honor!

When you commit to making it happen,
you’ll be putting yourself into the driver’s seat of your reputation

Would you like to jump on the phone with me?

We’ll discuss where you are in the process,
where you’d like to be and the steps to getting there.

We can also talk about training your group.

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“My supervisor rated me very highly during my performance review. He cited the main reason as my impact during a leadership team meeting that you helped me to prepare for. My skills hadn’t changed at all but I utilized the how to be convincing speaking model you outlined. Because of that, he changed his opinion of me. I am continuing to use each of the tools and I’m really grateful.”

A.I.S. 18 years in Product & Development, Kao

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