Women: Speak & Be Heard Now! (How can a Professional Speaker help you to be heard, valued and sought after?)

BALRA2Women complain of speaking and not being heard or valued. What does it take to speak and be heard?

Pitch: Keep your voice in the lower register. Keeping your shoulders low tends to help with this.

Volume: Take a full diaphragmatic breath before speaking. Let the air release carry your words. Give yourself permission to project your voice.

Elocution: Speak deliberately. Enunciate every letter in every word. If it feels like you are over-doing it, you aren’t.

Speed: If your enunciation is clear, it will most likely slow you down to an appropriate speed. Basically, don’t talk too fast.

Dress: Wear solid bold colors that work with you, not against you. If you hold up a solid colored shirt to your chin and all you see is the shirt, don’t wear it. If you hold up a solid colored shirt to your chin and all you see is your face, wear it.

Body Language: Keep your body open. No hands crossed or hidden. Both feet flat on the floor, or if you are sitting, both cheeks flat on the seat. Always turn to face the person you are talking to.

Establish Your Credibility: Weave into the fabric of any conversation relevant aspects of your background. Don’t just drop education and job titles. Include how you solved similar issues in the past and the steps you took. People won’t know your expertise until you tell them. People won’t value you until they hear your expertise.

Prove It: Back up any opinions with logic, reasoning and proof. Don’t overdo it and give more than is necessary.

Connect: Connect by speaking to the listener’s point of you, not yours. Use words that show you know how they may be feeling about a situation.

Describe the Journey: Many women naturally see the big picture so when they speak, men think they are jumping to conclusions or changing the subject. If you arrived at a conclusion, make sure to describe the thinking process you used to arrive there.

The Power of 3: Always state things in groups of three. You’ll sound more convincing.

Prepare: Stop “winging” it. The confidence you exude will skyrocket with preparation.

Nerves: Too much to say here. There are good nerves that help you. There are bad nerves that derail you. If they derail you, let’s talk.

Your Why: Exude confidence naturally when you speak from your “why”

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