How to Look & Sound Great on your

YouTube Video Infomercial



This is NOT your typical geeked out technological “how to make a video” course. This course has everything to do with YOU! YOU are not your GEAR! YOU are a unique individual living in the YouTube age where it’s important to have an infomercial featuring Y-O-U.

Embarrassed no more…

This course is about setting you up to just be your natural, genuine self on video. If you HATE seeing yourself on video and therefore hate or avoid making an infomercial for your special product or service, then you will find relief here. If you don’t know what to say and how to say it, you will learn how here as well.

Rockin’ It!!!

Imagine, you are making your YouTube Video Infomercial. You feel calm, poised and speak naturally and fluently. Your viewers receive your message and they feel as if you are talking right to them. They value what you have to say and they want to get to know you better. They follow your call to action and you are ecstatic that your YouTube Video Infomercial is working like a charm!


Why this course???

First – you won’t find ANYTHING like this ANYWHERE. Professional Violinist turned Public Speaker, Diane Allen has this to say to you:

If you are playing the violin and the slightest bit nervous with shaking hands, you are in trouble. I’ve learned how to keep my cool under high pressure performing. I now teach people how to keep their cool whether they are speaking on video, livestreaming, webinars, teleseminars, in person, you name it. Combine that with my speaking skills, and that is what I bring to you!


Are you tired of

  • Not participating on YouTube for fear of embarrassment?
  • Avoiding the project and not cashing in on the possibilities?
  • Feeling envious of the folks who have done well on YouTube Video Infomercials?


This course is priced ridiculously low because of my mistake.

It’s an audio about video!

It should have been a video about video! Duh!

So here’s the plan:

$57 Value

$27 Cost for the first 100 sales

(As of July 9th there are 33 left!)

Whichever comes first.

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Wow I just had an amazing session with Diane Allen! She helped me understand how to work through my challenges with speaking and connect to my vision in a very powerful way. If you struggle with using your voice, and long to do so more confidently, talk with Diane. She is passionate about teaching, and makes what seemed difficult, easy.
Cindy Stoddard

I felt fully in my body! I did not hear myself sounding nervous! I had notes, but didn’t need them. What a relief!
Maggie Kirby

What will you get?

In depth training:

  • Feeling like your natural confident self in front of a video camera
  • Connecting with the customer (in simple ways that will surprise you)
  • What to say and how to say it to best convey your service or product in a compelling fashion


  • Tips for SEO on YouTube

Prefer a live person over audio?

Contact Diane Allen directly: [email protected]

I look forward to see your: YouTube Video Infomercial online soon!

Smiles! Diane


P.S.  $57 Value $27 Cost for you to spare yourself embarrassment and learn How to Look and Sound Great on your YouTube Video Infomercial

P.S.S. $27 Cost for only the first 100 sales or July 15th, 2014 (As of July 9th there are 33 left!)

Claim your copy of the audio now.

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100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Hand Drawn Black